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Hindustan Times
Sex Survey reveals



Out of


woman are not happy with the sex performance and penis size of their husband


of Unsatisfied women have illegal affairs since their husband's are bad in bed.

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Penis size is too small / improper shape ?

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TestoUltra can solve all your problems

TestoUltra uses a secret formula developed by 4 Ayurvedic experts after years of research and testing back in 1993. TestoUltra is the only product in india which is legally approved by Ajanta department that doesn't use any sorts of chemicals. All other products in India use some harmful chemicals which is proven cause cancer in your latter stage of life. But we at TestoUltra, believe in taking only natural route for success and that's the reason why we are becoming popular and well known brand for solving sexual problems.

So TestoUltra is completely natural and side effects free product which is clinically proved and tested to give 100% guaranteed results.


Clinically tested and certified by 6 labs in india


Approved by 271 sexologist doctor in india


Founded in 1993, solving sexual problems for 25 years


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Our unique blend of natural ingredients were specifically formulated to target the 6 key components of sexual performance.

Increase Sexual Confidence

You will become mentally and physically confident of having good performance in bed all the time in any sexual position you/your girlfriend wants.

Increase Penis Size and Width

Massive blood flow will make your penis look bigger, thicker and feel harder. She'll love it!

Have SEX For Long Time

With the increase in your sexual stamina, please her all night and keep her coming back for more.

Boost Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is the key male sex hormone. Increase in Testosterone helps you to gain extra energy and lose body fat.

Perform Like A Pro

Start performing like a real Pornstar and show her moves she never knew you had with your new found confidence.

Long Erection

You do not need to be embarrassed anymore! Get rock-hard erections which last for long hours.

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The problem of a small penis was not obvious to me until I got married. After my marriage, I realized that I had a problem and my wife used to frequently complain that she was not satisfied with my performance in bed. I had no option, but to look for a solution in the market. I tried many remedies, but did not see any results until I tried TestoUltra. I heard about it from a friend who had used TestoUltra to solve the same issue. Once I started taking TestoUltra, I noticed immediate changes in the size of my organ and the quality of my sex life. My wife is now happy with my performance and our marriage was thus saved. We are now living happily.

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"This treatment totally changed my life. Before I had a small penis, which made me feel ashamed and I lacked confidence in myself. Women partners were disappointed after sexual contact and avoided me. Thanks to you I have a large penis to be proud of and satisfied women partners. I can’t thank you enough!"

-Manish, 27, Bengaluru, KA

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"I bought this product for my husband, who always said he wished he were bigger down there. After a month and a half of regular use, and quite a bit of fun in the process, we both are noticing some BIG changes down there. Our sex is more enjoyable, his confidence is improved. I would recommend this to any wife wishing her husband had a little more girth down there."

-Mohan, 32, Jaipur, RJ

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"My girlfriend loves this stuff and so do I. if you are looking to satisfy your women, then go no further than this product. Give it a try and you will be writing reviews next, I promise you. Great stuff, overall, simply the best I have tried on the market."

-Kamlesh, 24, Mumbai, MH


In online, we were only selling Capsule before but for last 2 Year's we did intense testing on 45000+ Indian males of all ages and it was practically proven that Capsule give faster results but still if you want to try tablet package means you can go with below package.

Starter Pack

1 month (30 Capsule)

Size increase upto 0.9 INCH

Sex time increase upto 10 mins

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Size increase upto 1.5 INCH

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Size increase upto 2.5+ INCH

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Premium Pack

6 months (180 Capsule)

Size increase upto 3+ INCH

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MRP RS 7,990 RS 6,690

The TestoUltra has 100% Natural Ingredients

Feed your snake the testosterone it needs to help increase libido, get amazing high amounts of energy, improve your sexual performance and reduce muscle fatigue.


In clinical trials, Ashwagandha demonstrated a significant positive effect on physiological aspects of libido and may assist to maintain normal healthy testosterone levels.


Shilajit boosts sexual desire, libido and stamina. Also known to enhance sperm production giving you a bigger load to unleash in bed.


Long known to Brazilians to be an aphrodisiac, this magical bean will boost your libido and sex drive.


Gokhru is a powerful herb that combats a binding effect of your testosterone giving you even more free testosterone so you feel younger and more alive.


An herb native which has a long history in ancient tribal medicines. Used as an effective aphrodisiac and energy booster to rev up your sex drive.

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Due to High Demand, Only limited quantity available Order Your Bottle Today, Get TestoUltra at your door 3-5 days.